Okay,... so, some of these I assume you know what your doing, please keep that in mind.

These pages, most assembled years ago, are ones I had just hanging around. I dug them up and placed them here as a place to permanently retire them. Most will be, well lets just face it, on today's Internet,... completely useless.

None the less,... here they are,... retired.

  • Cognos - Adding jQuery
    A quick tutorial on how to embed jQuery into your reports at a global level.
  • Lottery
    Lottery list, using jQuery, each run against a lottery JSON feed.
  • Lamp Install
    Linux Mint LAMP install, dated.
  • Linux-isms
    Some simple linux utils I use, very simple stuff.
  • Proverbs
    There are 31 Proverbs in the Bible, technically you could read one everyday.
  • Random MAC Address
    IEEE based random MAC address generator of sorts.
  • Read
    Started listing books I have read, recently.
  • USPS State Names
    List of state names and abbreviations.
  • X11 Color Names
    The X11 color name palette in hex and rgb.
  • Web Safe Colors
    The web safe color palette in hex and rgb.

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