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So, my first ever paid Internet position... April 2000.

My first Internet position was via a talent agency, who graciously picked me up right out of the Boston University Corporate Education Center (BUCEC) Web Designer program. I actually quit my day job delivering propane and went all in for the career change. I attended the program full-time days for 4 months, it was worth every penny.

Fast-forward 17 years, I now work for one of the top ranked EHR software companies in a development capacity.

I am 52... so I'm not going to inundate you with 37 years of work history so I'll keep it current and technologically focused.

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Software Company
Westborough, MA
2011 — 2017
Application Specialist | Developer

I started as a customer facing tech, assisting customer needs within the billing and/or Practice Management side of the EHR product. Which more often than not, required taking a physical connection from my desktop to a customer server and/or workstation. Troubleshooting, debugging, documenting and resolving customer issues were routine.

I was able to quickly move into a developers role by building a UI piece that integrated Cognos report views. The piece was later added to the main product and I have built several other usable applications that now reside within the product.

The product's primary reporting system utilizes IBM Cognos. I have been tasked to make and maintain several requested UI alterations which in a nutshell involves hacking the core UI code and bending it to fit the requirements. This included adding new interfaces which involved XSL transformations or XSLT. As a result I have an in-depth understanding of IBM Cognos its SDK and its multi-tier architecture.

javascript angularjs jquery java html css xslt sql tomcat mysql mssql ibm cognos sdk
Verizon (contractor via Glotel Inc. | Volt Procurestaff)
Dallas, TX
2005 — 2009
Application Specialist | Developer

I was contracted to Verizon during their initial FiOS Network build, Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) was the project title. I was initially responsible for contacting internal Central Office (CO) employees, around the country, whose responsibility was to setup all the initial physical network architecture. I would then validate the setup by connecting to the office devices via telnet to validate proper device connection. I'd drop an initial config into each newly installed device. Once complete I would create a Visio diagram reflecting the architecture and configurations as referenced.

Once we, as a team, had a process in place, I built some web based tools to track some work flow items. I was task to build and maintain an entire Intranet site for internal use, basically it was the FTTP project web presence internally.

After awhile I renegotiated my contract with another vendor inside Verizon and moved to Telecom Network Security, inside Verizon. There I was tasked to build a complete customized web based ticket system. Which assisted other contractors and support employees to handle calls from internal offices in support of the new network.

classic asp vbscript access php mysql mssql javascript html css sql aix iis


Collin County Community College, 2006

  • Introduction to UNIX Using Linux, Plano, TX
  • Cascading Style Sheets, Plano, TX

Boston University Corporate Education Center (BUCEC), 2000

  • Web Design Certificate, Tyngsboro, MA
    • Planning Web Sites
    • Designing Web Pages with HTML
    • Creating and Managing Web Solutions Using Microsoft Front Page 2000
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Information & Media Design for the Web
    • Introduction to Programming
    • Client-side Programming: Enhancing Web Pages with JavaScript
    • Introduction to Relational Databases using Microsoft SQL Server
    • Server-side Programming: Creating Active Server Pages with VBScript

New England Tractor Trailer Training School (NETTTS), 1992

  • Class A CDL, Brockton, MA

United States Army Reserve, 1988

  • 5th Armored Calvary, Ft Devens, MA

United States National Guard, 1983 — 1988

North High School, 1983

  • General Academia, Framingham, MA


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