Well... welcome to my website. Not a lot here, gives me a small corner of the W3... and an email address. It is primarily a playground for learning web stuff and never stays quite the same.

I am a developer, working with Java and some Cognos currently, but I love JavaScript and PHP. For more gory details see my history page.

Not a social media junkie, tried them all, just not my thing. They are incredibly time consuming and unproductive (just my two cents), though Facebook does make a great obituary.

I also dabble some in the art of metal bass (no, not the fish).


Purely a collection of my old web "documents". Things I had scrapped over the years that are now retired.

I have only recently started this effort,... I am after the content those docs held not their old style or layout. It greatly reduces the speed in which they get posted.


My public key for email encryption.


Is an about "slash" resume page, more or less. It may just turn out to be one of those "tl;dr" documents.


Resources I use incredibly often in absolutely no order.

Garbage In... Garbage Out

2017.06.19 06:49

My newest favorite @firefox setting:

Space Station News