Ray McNeill

( later === never ) ? true : false;


This is my personal website, all homespun PHP, in an everlasting state of flux.

Be advised,... anything you find here (within this domain) is solely my opinion.

That is to say, it is not the opinion or reflection of anyone I chill with,... work with,... or any of those that I may be employed by.

Moving on,...

What you'll find inside:


Purely a collection of my old web "documents". Things I had scrapped "slash" put together over the years that are now retired.

I have only recently started this effort,... I am after the content those docs held not their old style or layout. It greatly reduces the speed in which they get posted.


My public key for email encryption.


Is an about "slash" resume page, more or less. It may just turn out to be one of those "tl;dr" documents.


Resources I use incredibly often in absolutely no order.


A list of books I've read,... easy enough right.

I've used a couple of book sites in the past; goodreads.com and librarything.com both excellent services. After some extensive use of those services, I just decide on a simple, straight-forward list of what I read.